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The Individuation Process is a dance project by Gabriela Ilem where she exemplifies her vision of the individuation process. With the use of fans she reveals the journey of unison of the opposite parts of ourselves. Through scenery we demonstrate the individual being a separate entity in the journey. The term “individuation” refers to the process of developing a sense of individuality. This individuality manifests itself as personal perspectives, emotions, and beliefs, separate from those of friends or family. Individuation is an ongoing, and some would argue lifelong, process.


Bailarina: Gabriela Ilem 

Cámara 1: Jérika Figueroa

Cámara 2: Joshua Cruz

Asistente: Wesley Matías

Edición: Jérika Figueroa

Words of Gabriela Ilem:

We think we know ourselves. We usually live one sided with our own Self. When we are unconscious we don’t acknowledge the opposites of ourselves.

By opposites I mean the “good” and “bad” of our Self. Imagine we are the Yin and Yang. Instead of seeing the Yin and Yang as opposites the Chinese view them as complementary forces.

We are like that. Our Self is composed by the opposite parts of ourselves. The individuation process is a journey of accepting, embracing, and becoming one with all the parts of our Self. 


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